Here at Language Creations, we are experienced in working with popular desktop publishing (DTP) software.

Whether the job is one page or hundreds, our team can take it on. We have dealt with everything from manuals to clinical trial materials to advertising, both for print and the web. Among the formats we support are:

  • InDesign

  • FrameMaker

  • Illustrator

  • AutoCAD

  • PDF to Word/InDesign/FrameMaker

  • Corel Draw

  • QuarkXpress

Our in-house technical team will work together with the project manager to come up with a timeframe to suit your needs. We have an experienced quality assessment (QA) department which, along with the translator, will check over each document before delivery to you, ensuring the highest level of quality.

Contact us for a free quote, and learn about how our experience in Desktop Publishing has positively served our clients.