At Language Creations, we view translation as not simply an automated task, but rather a craft and skill to be cultivated—literally, a creation in language.

It is our goal to provide high-quality translation of the finest sensibility to our clients at a reasonable price. We can take on virtually all language combinations and use only translators who are native speakers of the target language at hand.

While usually not requiring extensive knowledge and expertise in a certain field or discipline, general translation is in no way a less-important field of translation for us than other more specialized ones. In fact, general translation is highly sought after due to its inherent nature of reaching and relating to people and audiences from all walks of life, whether it be via website content and instruction manuals for household appliances, to news articles and handwritten letters. Armed with this knowledge, our experienced team of professional translators ensure that our translations are not only linguistically sound, but convey the original message in a way that is engaging and natural for the reader.

In addition to the translation of more standard files like Microsoft Word or Excel, we are equipped to deal with more difficult file types like those for desktop publishing, IT or market research surveys. In any case, our work flow of project management, translation teams, automated checks, and quality assurance (QA) specialists means that the file we return to you is ready for publication, launch, or simply for your own personal needs.

With representation in both the United States and Europe and an international network of quality translators, we are able to take full advantage of time zones and personnel from both sides of the Atlantic and around the world, ensuring fast and fluid communication between our clients and ourselves, not to mention fast turnaround times.

Please contact us for a quote and to discuss how we can work with you.