Elia's 'Together' conference - Barcelona, Spain February 21-22, 2019 - NOW WITH POST-CONFERENCE SUMMARY!

Greetings one and all,

Our very own Robert Castledine, project manager and medical/pharmaceutical specialist, will be taking part in Elia’s upcoming ‘Together’ language company and freelancer conference in Barcelona, Spain between February 21-22, 2019. If you have any questions and would like to talk shop, Robert’s your man!


The Language Creations Team


Hello all!

A post-conference report here from Robert, the newest addition to the Language Creations team as PM and medical/pharmaceutical specialist. After attending a few conferences this year with more of the team (Elia’s Focus on Project Management, in Porto, and Elia’s Focus on Sales, in Málaga), I’ve finally been sent out into the translation world alone to attend Elia’s Together conference in Barcelona. At this conference, PMs and freelancers are brought together for two marathon days of stimulating talks, intense networking sessions and a near-overdose of coffee breaks. Having previously worked as a freelancer and only entering the world of LSPs (Language Service Providers) around one year ago, I found this conference to be particularly relevant.

There were two main focuses of the talks: firstly, helping freelancers to better understand how LSPs, big and small, work behind the scenes and to have a better appreciation of why they might seem to act erratically or inconsistently at times, and other technical issues they can face; secondly, and vice versa, representatives from LSPs in attendance were given insights into the daily struggles for freelancers in a fast-evolving, modern marketplace. Other talks bridged this gap entirely, covering themes from a dual-perspective, for example: an innovative approach by a Finnish LSP (talk by @virtanen_katja) to source young new talent from Finnish universities by launching internships through university language faculties. The talk touched on both the LSP’s struggle in sourcing talented translators for specific language combinations and the difficulties for freelancers in the Finnish market today, finally proposing their novel solution to the problem.

Other highlights included a talk by Andrey Moiseev (@LocWorld) who discussed his company’s technical solution to providing interpreting services for multiple events occurring at the same time all over the world: his remote interpreting solution, with multiple interpreters working in booths from a centralised location near Moscow, earned his company the tender for covering the 2018 FIFA World Cup. His services took advantage of modern solutions that have only now become possible with the arrival of new technologies and high-speed fibre-optic communications, allowing real-time interpreting to be carried out from greater distances than ever before. His talk was particularly forthright, also covering the potential disadvantages of this innovative solution, such as the strange sensation some audience members can feel when they can’t physically see an interpreter when this remote solution is implemented in conferences and other more intimate events.

The greatest benefit of this conference, however, was the truly ample opportunities it allowed for exchange between freelancers and representatives from LSPs, forming not only potential new business partnerships, but more importantly new friendships and contacts that enrich the experience far more than any single session possibly could. Many hours of coffee breaks, meals times and even a scheduled job fair gave all attendees the chance to discuss their companies (in the case of LSPs) or their specialisations/combinations (for freelancers), or simply share anecdotes and stories from their years working in the industry. The true spirit of the conference was reflected in the networking dinner, with all attendees sharing a meal and a rare opportunity to (perhaps!) get away from translation chat, and simply share a refreshing cold beer at the end of a long sunny conference in Barcelona!