"Out of left field" non-typical translation projects - FI-FR certified legal translation

Our “out of left field” series looks at projects which step outside of our norm, and often present us with new and interesting challenges.

One evening last week, we were contacted by a European law firm with a request for translating a mostly handwritten five-page affidavit by the end of the following day, which was to be shown in court later that week. However, there were a few novel aspects to this assignment. Firstly, the language pair was one we’d never handled before, particularly given the fact that it didn’t contain English as either the source or destination language - it turned out to be a mostly Finnish into French translation! Just that was a small hurdle to overcome, particularly given the tight deadline. On top of that, the translation required certification via a certified translator.

We wrote back to the client that same evening that we will look into it first thing the following morning. Morning having arrived, we set out to find a native French-speaking translator, who specialized in Finnish-French legal translations, and who was also certified. Fortunately, we were able to find somebody who met all those criteria that very same morning, and were able to agree to a delivery date of later that evening.

Having delivered a certified electronic copy of the translated affidavit that evening, with a hard copy in the mail to be delivered a few days later, we received a reply from the client the following day after having followed up to see if everything was alright with the file - she was very pleased with not only the final product, but also the turnaround time and the service. We even got a phone call from her a few days later thanking our team, and with the news that she had passed on our info to colleagues in her profession.

It just goes to show that more often than not, it’s worth getting out of your comfort zone a bit, and taking on something which requires of you to shake things up a bit!

-The Language Creations Team