MemoQFest 2019 - a brief summary by Christopher Peterson

MemoQFest 2019

Another MemoQFest has come and gone, and this one was just as glorious as the past events have been. I came the evening before the conference where there was a lovely networking event at one of the museums in Budapest. It was a lovely time despite the weather. The following day the conference kicked off with a very informative keynote speech by Jost Zetzsche. There were a number of things to take away from this, concerning AI and machine translation, but the main points that I understood were that there is nothing to worry about at the present, that no one knows if or when machine translation will truly replace a human translator, and that since we work in the communications field, that we are in essence the gatekeepers for humanity. Pretty heady stuff!

The conference gala dinner was a great evening and another chance to network while a brass band greeted our entrance. Truly amazing – you can see how much MemoQ cares about their guests. The second day of the conference greeted us with many more practical tips for working on revision project (Marek Pawelek) or improving our marketing reach (Doug Lawrence).

All in all a great experience, very informative and also got the chance to talk about sailing in Scotland or favorite Spanish dishes. No doubt I’ll be back in Budapest in 2020!

Chris Peterson