We have been working on a wide variety of legal translations since our company was founded.

Initially having started out with European Union reports, we quickly moved onto other document types, such as contracts, birth, death, and marriage certificates, articles of incorporation, data protection (GDPR), terms of reference for procurement, confidentiality agreements, purchase agreements, and excerpts from official records.

For every project, our internal team is well equipped to take on the linguistic and technical challenges inherent in legal translations, such as differences in culture, tradition, customs, and legal terminology. Our specialized legal translators strive to achieve translations that will be interpreted in the same way by legal professionals in the target jurisdiction, as they would be in the original jurisdiction, and translations that are literate, rather than literal. Following the translation process itself, we have an in-house team to scrutinize the translations before they are returned to our clients, resulting in translations that are free from mistakes, misinterpretation, or ambiguity.

Knowing that many legal documents are only available in printed form, our desktop publishing team can extract the text from a scanned document, such as a PDF file, if needed.

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