Carbon Copy is the quickest, easiest way to translate your survey.

The Carbon Copy system is built on a client-server architecture that converts survey output files into industry standard Microsoft Word DOCX files and, once translated, back into the original survey format. The translation is independent of the survey’s format.

Carbon Copy has several advantages over a conventional survey translation workflow:

  • Flexibility:

    Because the translation file is a standard format regardless of its original platform, surveys are easier to translate. This opens up a much broader pool of translators and also allows for the simplified use of translation memory.

  • Speed and Cost Control:

    With a bigger pool of translators to choose from, your company will not be tied to using translators who specialize in files of a given format. This allows for greater cost control and shorter turnaround times.

  • Accuracy:

    The conversion process is automated with errors and open tags highlighted by the Carbon Copy program. It provides custom validators and syntax checking for each survey format. It can be easily extended to provide extra features and new file formats.

  • Overlay:

    If the translation has already been done and needs to be placed in the survey file format, Language Creations can provide a native speaker to cut and paste the text into the survey file for you.

Supported formats:

· ConfirmIt XML

· Standard XML files




· Wordpress

· Kinesis XML

· Survey Writer TXT

· Firefly



· InDesign IDML

New formats can be added within a week’s time if we are provided with a sample.

Quality and in-process details:

  • integrated checks for HTML tags,

  • subtraction and marking of internal parts which are not for translation,

  • use of a simple interface and a common document format which is easy to work with and automate for translators.

    Please contact us for a quote and to discuss how we can work with you.