From our translators:

I have been working with Language Creations since 2013. The team is friendly and professional, and they always pay on time. As a freelance translator, I can wholeheartedly recommend them as a translation agency. -- Sarah M, German translator

Chris, Melinda and Dena are all very nice people to work with. Excellent communication, interesting projects and realistic deadlines. Payments are very prompt, sometimes the same day the invoice is received and always within a week or two. One of the best agencies out there! -- Peter S, Spanish translator and reviser

Language Creations is a very professional and enjoyable company to collaborate with. Not only do they offer prompt payments and clear project guidelines, but they are one of the best in terms of project manager/translator communication, an essential part of any translation job. -- Joanna O, French translator

I have been working with Language Creations since 2013. It is a professional agency with an exceptional work environment and an outstanding work team, resulting in a perfect working relationship. I feel extremely lucky to be working as a freelance translator for Language Creations. They offer competitive rates of pay and always pay in a timely fashion. I would strongly recommend working with them. --Lynda L, Italian translator

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